2013 Design Trends

2013 is all about harmony, authentic design and combining of all elements. Pops of contrasting color will not divide living spaces, but instead will unite the surroundings to give the space more meaning.

Here are six modern design trends that will help get you started with your painting and redesigning projects:

1. Fabric Prints

Animal prints, associated with luxury and aristocratic style, add chic to modern interior design and decorating.

retro bathtub

2. Luxurious home accents

Golden home decorations, finishes and golden colors are modern interior design trends for 2013 that symbolize happiness, success and prosperity.

wallpaper and furniture upholstery in golden colors

3. Interior decorating color trends

Yellow, reddish and greenish yellow colors, orange, peach, amber, yellowish and reddish brown color tones are modern color design choices for rich interior decorating with glamorous and extravagant flavor. Beautiful emerald green and deep

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blue colors, turquoise and purple color shades, soft cream and elegant gray color tones, combined with yellow and red colors are also modern interior design trends in 2013.

red chairs and decorative vases

4. Reuse and recycle design ideas

Recycling, re-purposing and reusing old furniture and home decor accessories is a popular modern interior design trend for 2013. All decor items and materials that at first appear to be old, used or useless will add beauty to home interiors, enhanced with creative interior design and decorating ideas that help reuse and recycle these items.

vintage furniture

5. Eco friendly products, design and decorating ideas

Using new technology and creating unexpected combinations of contemporary and new decorating materials reflect inspiring interior design trends that blend industrial and artistic ideas together. Old furniture and home decor accessories become new again.

wooden kitchen island

6. Traditional design and natural materials

Modern interior design trends 2013 include furniture and decor accessories created with using traditional processes and local woods. The focus on patriotic home decoration and brands, handmade crafts, furniture and decor accessories, that feel familiar and friendly, local materials and natural colors, inspired by traditional home decorating ideas, are great trends this year.

dining room decor in vintage style

Interior Design 2013 Trends
Source: www.lushome.com

Pick Your Paint

Picking Your Paint

There are two types of paint that you should chose from: Latex-based paint and Oil-based paint. Did you know that latex paint actually has NO latex in it? Instead, what goes into Latex paint are synthetic polymers that look just like natural latex but have a completely different chemical makeup and different properties than latex rubber. This makes latex-based paint easiest to work with as it cleans easily with soap and warm water. Latex paint can go on walls, floors, wood and metal surfaces.

Oil-based paint, on

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the other hand is harder to clean up. You will need paint thinners for your brushes and specialty soap for your skin. Oil-base paint is a great stain and water resistant. It adheres to ceilings, wood, and walls very nicely. We recommend oil primers for the bare wood on your porch or the shingles on your house. The painters at Buhler Progressive Painting in Abbotsford and throughout the Lower Mainland will help you choose the right paint for your walls.

Find A Finish

Flat finish: This finish is the most commonly used. It is good for large surfaces, and will not reflect light. It is recommend to be used on ceilings, and in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Not kitchens and baths.

Gloss finish: This finish will always reflect light, especially on walls and ceilings and is often used in small quantities (such as on trim).

Satin or eggshell finish: This finish is terrific for brightening up hallways, common areas, and children’s bedrooms and playrooms. It can be used anywhere that a slight sheen is wanted.

Semi-gloss finish: This finish is easy to clean, which means it is great to use in high-traffic areas such as in kitchens, bathrooms, on doors, etc.

Choose The Color

The basic rules of choosing your paint color are as follows: The deep “warm” colors such as reds, oranges, browns and yellows will make a room feel more cozy. The light shades, which are your “cool” colors such as white, green, blue, and violet, will make a room feel more open.

Select A Shade

Paint color will differ in various lighting. We recommend getting a sample color from the paint store (We work closely with General Paint) and painting large sheets of white poster board. You will use these painted poster boards as large, “real world” samples that you can prop up against the walls you plan on painting.

Make sure you critique these poster boards samples throughout the day in order to see how the color shade will look in different light. The poster samples will also give you a sense of how your room will look when it is painted a particular shade and filled with furniture. A word to the wise: deeper paint colors distort more with lighting changes than pastel ones.

Thanks Team


We are so grateful to have such an awesome team who work hard to complete projects on time with a quality finish. Their positive attitudes make it a joy to go to

work every day.

Thanks team and keep up the great work!

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